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Apple TV+ Subscribers Can Add CBS All Access & Showtime for $9.99 p/m


Apple TV CBS All Access & Showtime deal

Apple TV+ subscribers now have the option of adding both CBS All Access and Showtime and only paying $9.99 per month, on top of the Apple TV+ subscription cost. In effect, what Apple is offering here is two additional premium subscription services for the price of one.

Apple TV+ is the company’s first and proper major attempt at video streaming with a subscription priced at just $4.99 per month. While that is cheap compared to many of the other streaming services currently in circulation, one of the service’s major hurdles is the general selection of content. This is largely due to Apple TV+ only being populated with original content and Apple still in the process of building out that content.

As a means to presumably help with that issue, Apple is now offering Apple TV+ subscribers the option to add both CBS All Access and Showtime to their subscription, and just pay the equivalent cost of one of the services. Besides the reduced cost overall, an additional benefit is that the subscriptions are all billed together by Apple, removing the need for consumers to have to worry about managing the multiple subscriptions.

Probably a worthwhile deal for Apple device owners

Whether the deal is worth it to a consumer, likely comes down to how invested they are in Apple’s ecosystem. For example, if not already subscribing to Apple TV+, then the cost of that subscription also has to be factored into the equation as well. In contrast, those already using the service will benefit from getting access to the additional services at the combined reduced cost.

Furthermore, all of the services are offered ad-free, so viewers won’t have to worry about ads surfacing when watching any of the content through Apple TV+, CBS All Access or Showtime.

For those who have recently purchased an Apple device, or plan to soon, then the deal is even more better, considering Apple is still offering its ‘one year of Apple TV+ for free’ promotion. Essentially, anyone who has purchased (and activated) an Apple TV player, or either an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch, has up to ninety days to claim the deal. For those device owners, they’ll be getting access to Apple TV+, CBS All Access, and Showtime for just $9.99 per month.

Source: Apple

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