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Apple TV+ Subscribers Struggle To Renew Paramount+ & Showtime Bundle


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Apple TV+ subscribers seem to be facing issues when attempting to renew their Paramount+ and Showtime bundle and it remains unclear why. The billing problems have led to some concerns that the option to save and bundle the two services together may have come to an end for existing subscribers.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s take on a subscription service. Essentially, those with a compatible device can watch Apple’s own original shows and movies when they sign up to the monthly subscription. In August of last year, Apple announced the option to bundle what was then CBS All Access with Showtime together and save in the process, compared to subscribing to each of the services separately.

Since then, CBS All Access closed down after being replaced with the newer and more content-packed Paramount+ service. However, shortly before that transformation took place, the option for Apple TV+ subscribers to sign up and bundle the two services together abruptly ended, leaving those already signed up to the deal the only ones who could benefit from the savings. Now, that also might be coming to an end.

Over the weekend, a number of users took to online forums and social media to highlight the issue, noting how once the current billing cycle had come to an end, the subscription was not being renewed automatically. While there are many reasons why a subscription might fail to renew, the same users report other subscriptions renewing normally, suggesting a specific issue with the bundle.

This has led to the speculation that even those already subscribed to the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle might be losing the option to save by combining the two subscriptions. According to the users reporting the payment problems, the subscriptions are being listed as “expired” which would further seem to suggest the deal is no longer available. Furthermore, others have reported successfully making a payment for the next billing cycle only for Apple to have refunded the payment again without explanation.

Whether the deal is coming to an end for those Apple TV+ subscribers already signed up to the promotion remains to be seen, but indications would seem to suggest that is a possibility. So far, Apple and ViacomCBS have yet to comment on the problem and it also remains to be seen if every subscriber signed up to the bundle is facing the same issue.

Source: Reddit

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