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Apple TV Plus Is Currently Free For Three Months On Samsung Smart TVs


Apple TV on Samsung smart tv

Samsung smart TV owners currently have the opportunity to watch Apple TV Plus for free for three months. While three months is not a particularly long time, it is still significantly longer than the standard free trial offered by Apple, making this a promotion worth taking advantage of by those who want to test out Apple TV Plus or just catch up on the latest shows.

In reality, there are multiple ways to save on the cost of an Apple TV Plus subscription. Apple itself offers up to three months to anyone who has purchased an eligible Apple device. In addition, there’s also an annual Apple TV Plus plan which can help to save on the cost over a full year. Alternatively, T-Mobile customers can also check to see if they are eligible for a free subscription.

To take advantage of this latest offer, the Samsung TV must be a 2018-2022 model. Providing that’s the case, the user just needs to open the Apple TV app on the Samsung TV and sign up to Apple TV Plus as normal. At which point, they will be able to take advantage of an extended three-month free trial. According to Samsung, the free 3-month Apple TV Plus promotion went live today and is due to remain available through November 28, 2022. As to be expected, this promotion is only available to Samsung smart TV owners who are not already subscribed to Apple TV Plus.

For those unsure of whether Apple TV Plus is worth trying out, the Apple-owned streaming service does provide access to a wide variety of exclusive shows and movies that can’t be streamed elsewhere. The standard subscription costs $4.99 per month, so the promotion equates to a saving of around $15 over the course of the three months. It is worth keeping in mind that automatic billing will be in effect, so Samsung smart TV owners will want to make sure they cancel Apple TV Plus before the end of the third month, if they don’t want the discounted subscription to automatically convert to a paid subscription.

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