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Apple TV Plus Is Now Free With T-Mobile’s Magenta Max Plan


Apple TV T-Mobile promotion

T-Mobile’s Magenta Max customers can now watch Apple TV Plus for free, thanks to a new promotion announced by the un-carrier. T-Mobile had already offered an Apple TV Plus subscription to its customers, but this latest version is more permanent and offers better value over the long term.

Previously, anyone who signed up to one of T-Mobile’s plans could check if they were eligible for a free Apple TV Plus subscription. The promotion gifted T-Mobile customers with a year of Apple TV Plus for free. After the first year, the subscription would change to a paid subscription, requiring the subscriber to pay $4.99 per month. That’s what has now changed.

T-Mobile announced the launch of the ‘Apple TV+ on Us’ promotion in August 2021. Almost exactly one year later and the company has now announced that Magenta Max (and Plus) customers get Apple TV Plus for free. Providing they remain with T-Mobile and on the same plan, they will maintain access to Apple TV Plus without having to worry about the subscription automatically changing to a paid subscription.

For those new to T-Mobile and now considering signing up, it is worth noting that the Magenta Max plan is the most expensive plan T-Mobile offers, with the exact price depending on how many lines are being added. Alongside Apple TV, T-Mobile also offers Paramount Plus and Netflix subscriptions for free as well. However, these other steaming promotions are not resigned to just the Magenta Max plan.

Speaking of those other promotions, while the free Paramount Plus subscription is limited to one year, the Netflix subscription is a rolling one. Essentially, it remains active for as long as the T-Mobile plan remains active, and that’s the main difference now with Apple TV Plus also having changed from just one year to a rolling subscription for Magenta Max customers. The previous Apple TV Plus deal officially came to an end on July 31, 2022, so this offer is what has now taken over that promotion. Even though standard Magenta customers aren’t eligible for the same deal this time around, they can get Apple TV Plus for free for 6 months.

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