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Apple TV On Samsung Smart TVs: Check If Your TV Is Supported


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The Apple TV app is available to download on Samsung smart TVs but not every model is compatible. Generally speaking, if the Samsung TV is one that was released within the last five years, there should be no major issues with installing Apple TV. For those without a compatible TV, a streaming player can help to access Apple TV on a Samsung TV.

Apple TV is Apple’s hub for everything TV related. This not only means it is the location for accessing any movies or shows purchased through Apple, but it is also how Apple TV+ can be watched. Unlike Apple TV, Apple TV+ is a subscription streaming service which costs $4.99 per month. With Apple TV+ accessible through the main Apple TV app, having a compatible device matters.

Although Apple TV was originally only available on the company’s own devices, it can now be downloaded on many other platforms and devices as well, including Samsung’s Lifestyle, QLED 4K and 8K smart TVs. However, Samsung TV support is limited to 2017 and newer models. Providing the TV owner knows which series the TV is from, and what year it was released, they can quickly verify if it is compatible with Apple TV.

The official Apple TV app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store and installed on the following Samsung smart TVs:

  • Samsung FHD/HD: 4, 5 Series (2017, 2018, 2020)
  • Samsung UHD: 6, 7, 8, Series (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Samsung QLED 4K: Q7, Q8, Q9, Qx Series (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Samsung QLED 8K: Q8, Q9 Series (2019, 2020)
  • Samsung Serif Series (2019, 2020)
  • Samsung The Frame Series (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Samsung The Sero Series (2019, 2020)

If still unsure of whether an individual TV is supported, checking if Apple TV appears in the TV’s app store is an easy way to make sure. It the app does show up when searching the Galaxy Store, the TV is supported and the app can be installed on the device. Once downloaded, the Samsung TV owner will need to log in to the app with an Apple ID. If no Apple ID, one will need to be created.

If currently using a Samsung TV that’s not compatible with the app, another supported device, such as a streaming player, can be connected to the Samsung TV and used to access the app. Although not as convenient as having the app installed on the TV, it is unlikely that unsupported Samsung TVs will gain support in the future, especially if they are older models.

Watching Apple TV+ on a Samsung TV

With the app downloaded, the Samsung TV owner will be able to pay for and access a variety of movies and shows. As mentioned, and although it is accessed from within the Apple TV app, Apple TV+ is different to Apple TV. For anyone looking to watch any of the Apple original shows or movies available through Apple TV+, a subscription will be required.

As this is a subscription service, the Samsung TV owner will need to sign up to the $4.99 per month standard plan. For reference, there is also an annual Apple TV+ subscription which reduces the yearly cost to $49.99. Regardless of whether paying monthly or yearly, a free trial available so it is possible to test out the service before having to pay.

The option to sign up to Apple TV+ is available within the Apple TV app. As long as the user has already logged in to the app with their Apple ID, and has a payment method on file, there should be no issues with starting the Apple TV+ subscription on the TV. If an Apple TV+ subscription was already started through the Apple TV+ website or on another Apple device, then the user should immediately be able to access the shows and movies available with a subscription, providing they are logged in to the Apple TV app on the Samsung TV with the same Apple ID.

Apple TV on Samsung TVs summary

Apple TV is available on many Samsung TV models, but support is limited to 2017 and newer models. If using an older Samsung TV, then the user is unlikely to be able to download the Apple TV app on their TV. In these instances, it may be worth using a separate streaming player to bridge the support gap. The Apple TV app is compatible with many streaming players, including Apple’s own player.

Apple TV+ is accessed directly through the Apple TV app but it does require a separate subscription. The price of Apple TV+ is $4.99 or $49.99 depending on whether paying monthly or yearly. To watch any of the Apple’s original shows or movies on a Samsung smart TV, the user will need to sign in to the Apple TV app with the same Apple ID used for Apple TV+.

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