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Apple TV App To Be Streaming Home Of Major League Soccer


Apple TV MLS

The Apple TV app is set to become the new streaming home for Major League Soccer following the striking of a new deal between Apple and the MLS. The agreement covers the next ten years, making the Apple TV app one that MLS fans will want to become familiar with sooner rather than later. However, access to the Apple TV app alone won’t be enough for those hoping to stream every MLS game over the next few years.

Apple has confirmed that it is set to become the “exclusive destination” for Major League Soccer coverage. The deal is due to start in early 2023 and will run through until 2032. According to the announcement, the agreement covers every live MLS match and Leagues Cup games during this period. In addition, a new weekly live show, replays, highlights, and other original programming will also be available.

For those that are looking to watch every game, there are some caveats to this agreement, with the main one being a multi-tiered approach. Essentially, Apple has confirmed that some games will be available to watch for free through the Apple TV app. Others will only be available to watch by those signed up to Apple TV Plus, the company’s paid subscription service. On top of this, some of the matches, as well as the bulk of the other MLS-related content will require a separate, paid subscription to a new MLS streaming service.

Apple has yet to confirm how much the new MLS service will cost, opting to explain that more details on the pricing, what’s included with a subscription, and how consumers can sign up, will be released in the coming months. Presumably, these details will be released closer to when the agreement is actually due to take effect.

In the meantime, the main takeaway here is that the Apple TV app is going to be the ultimate destination for MLS content in the US and elsewhere starting from next year. Providing a consumer is signed up to the MLS streaming service, then the expectation is they will be able to watch every live match as it happens, directly within the Apple TV app.

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