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Apple TV 4K Now Faster & Comes with a Better Remote


Apple TV 4k 2021

A new version of the Apple TV 4K player has now been announced, with improvements to the remote control and the performance of the streaming device overall. While Apple TV is a popular option for those already tied to the iOS ecosystem, the new model won’t make purchasing one any cheaper.

Apple TV devices have been around for some years now. The fourth-generation model launched back in 2015 and this was then followed by a newer version in 2017 with 4K support. Since then, the fourth generation and 4K Apple TV models have both remained available to buy, with prices starting at around $149 in the United States.

Apple has now announced the latest version of Apple TV and this one looks to improve on the experience of the 4K model. The new Apple TV 4K’s main selling points are the introduction of a new Siri remote and an upgrade in the processor department. With a switch from Apple’s A10X Fusion chip to the newer and more powerful A12 Bionic chip, Apple TV 4K gains High Dynamic Range and Dolby Vision support.

Apple has confirmed the new Apple TV will be available to buy in the second half of May, with pre-orders going live on April 30. In terms of pricing, the new Apple TV 4K will start at $179 for buyers in the U.S. There will also be the option to buy the Apple TV HD with the new Siri Remote for $149, or the remote on its own for $59.

A new and improved remote

While the performance gains are going to be welcomed additions, the new remote control is likely to be the popular upgrade here. Arguably, enough of a selling point to encourage existing Apple TV owners to purchase one separately. According to Apple, the clickpad on the new Siri Remote leads to better accuracy in general, as well as better recognition and responses to fast directional swipes. There’s also a power button to make it easier to turn the TV on and off. In addition, Siri on Apple TV now works in more countries than it did before.

The new remote is likely to fix many of the issues existing Apple TV device owners had with the current version. Not to mention, with Apple allowing the remote to be purchased on its own, those same issues can now be fixed without having to upgrade the entire device as well. However, at $60, the remote is a fairly expensive purchase itself. For example, the newer Nvidia Shield TV’s upgraded remote launched at just $30, in spite of the overall streaming player costing relatively the same as the new Apple TV 4K.

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