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Apple Launches Cheaper Apple TV 4K, Discontinues Apple TV HD


Apple TV 4K (3rd generation)

Apple has announced a new, and cheaper, Apple TV 4K player. Although the Apple TV is a powerful and useful device, it is also an expensive streaming player when compared to the competition. Naturally, this has likely put some potential buyers off picking one up. Even though the new Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) is not massively cheaper, it is still more affordable than previous 4K models, potentially enough to attract some new users.

Apple has sold a variety of Apple TV players over the years, with the two more recent models being the Apple TV HD and the Apple TV 4K. In terms of the 2021 Apple TV 4K (2nd generation), buyers had to hand over a minimum of $179, which made it one of the most expensive streaming players out there. Even the HD version was priced at $149, which is a high price for a device that doesn’t offer the option to stream in 4K.

However, Apple has now announced the new Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) priced at just $129 in the United States. The new model is due to go on general sale starting November 4th, and pre-orders are already open on the Apple website. In total there are two models to choose from. The $129 Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) comes with Wi-Fi and 64GB storage, while a $149 model adds Ethernet and boosts the storage level up to 128GB.

Another notable change with the Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) is that it is powered by an A15 Bionic chip, resulting in a more powerful and energy efficient device overall. Specifically, Apple states that the new chip offers up to 50 percent faster CPU performance and up to 30 percent faster GPU performance. Lastly, the Siri Remote is now equipped with a USB-C port, which should make it a little easier to charge without having to look for the specific cable that comes in the box.

For those sticking with the 2021 Apple TV 4K but looking to take advantage of the new USB-C support, the Siri Remote (3rd generation) can be purchased separately for $59 from Apple’s website. Unlike the new Apple TV 4K (3rd generation), there’s no waiting, with the new remote in stock and ready to ship now.

It is worth noting that the introduction of the new Apple TV 4K model appears to have ended the run of the Apple TV HD, also known as the Apple TV (4th generation). While the company was previously selling this model, it has now been pulled down from the Apple website. Still, considering the Apple TV HD was priced at $149, it remains to be seen who would have opted to pay more for a model first introduced in 2015 over the new 2022 version.

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