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Apple And China Mobile Discussed Launching Apple TV+ In China


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Apple held talks with China Mobile last year in an attempt to launch its Apple TV+ streaming service in China, reports The Information, citing “people with knowledge of the matter” for the details.

According to the report, a deal would have resulted in Apple TV+ becoming the first U.S. streaming service available in China. The report also goes on to explain that the current status of the talks remain unknown, so it is still possible that the Apple TV+ catalog could become available in China in the future.

From Apple’s perspective, the move would likely be hugely beneficial, as it would allow the company to unlock access to more than 200 million broadband customers who already pay China Mobile for TV content, including access to streaming services.

Considering the issues regarding launching a U.S. service like Apple TV+ in China, the details would have to be more finely worked out compared to launches in other countries. On that note, the report says the original plan was for China Mobile to offer Apple TV+ directly to its customers for a monthly fee, and for the revenue to be somehow split between the two companies.

It would also be expected that Apple TV+ would primarily, and potentially only, be offered through China Mobile’s set-top box, and not through the company’s iPhone lineup.

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