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Android 11 on Android TV Improves Gaming, Performance & Privacy


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Android 11 on Android TV includes new features, like Auto Low Latency Mode, designed to improve gaming on the TV-optimized platform. In fact, the improvements are not specific to gaming, but to media support in general, although they are likely to prove more beneficial to those using the platform to game on.

The latest version of Android has tended to slowly roll out to Android TV, compared to Android mobile. However, Google’s current Android TV announcement comes soon after the global release of Android 11 for mobile.

The announcement makes the point that Google is now officially “launching Android 11 on Android TV” and takes the opportunity to point out some of the main improvements and upgrades Android TV users can expect with the latest version of Android.

Two of the major areas Google points out are ‘foundational improvements’ and ‘faster testing.’ Generally speaking, Google is suggesting the platform will be more secure through Android 11’s new and improved privacy features, while also being more app and developer-friendly in general.

From Google’s announcement, it is clear that there are going to be some general media improvements that are likely to benefit gamers more than other users. For example, Android 11 includes support for auto low latency mode, and low latency media decoding. Both of which are designed to return frames as quickly as possible.

Besides the behind the scenes changes that are taking place, gamers should also benefit from Android 11’s wider support for third-party gaming controllers, including Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Steam controller.

Now the wait

Although Google has officially launched Android 11 on Android TV and even detailed many of the main upgrades and improvements, it is still likely to take some time before any of those changes go live at the user level. Google explains that its partners will begin to launch new devices and upgrade existing ones to Android 11 “over the coming months.”

As a result, owners of any specific player or device will still have to wait for confirmation from the device’s manufacturer that the device will get upgraded to Android 11. Speaking of which, there’s not much wait for ADT-3 device owners, with Google already confirming its device is getting its Android 11 system update today.

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