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An Android Apple TV App Might Finally Be In The Works


Apple TV+ on Android

An Apple TV app for Android might finally be in the works. A new report from Bloomberg details how Apple is actively looking for an engineer to help build a television-related app for Android. Although the app is widely available on various platforms and devices, Android mobile support remains a notable absentee.

Technically, an app to watch Apple TV+ is available on Android, albeit only on Android TV. Even though a workaround for Android mobile is to access the Apple TV+ website through a mobile web browser, having access to a dedicated app is a much better and more user-friendly solution.

While the report does highly indicate that Apple is now actively working on porting the Apple TV app over to Android, it still remains unclear how long app support might take to go live. If anything, the report seems to suggest Apple is only in the early stages of padding out support, so it could still take some time.

Regardless, an Android Apple TV app won’t only benefit users, but Apple as well. Apple TV+ is still largely considered to be a smaller streaming service and opening up access to the massive Android mobile user base could be a good way to greatly expand the Apple TV+ user base.

Apple also seems to be slowly dipping its toes in the bundle market. Comcast’s Xfinity StreamSaver bundle went live this week, bringing together Apple TV+, Netflix and Peacock for $15 a month. While Apple will certainly prefer those Xfinity customers to be using an iPhone, stopping them from accessing the service on Android smartphones and tablets isn’t likely to leave a good impression.

With Apple seemingly open to partnering with others to help expand its user base, it is not too much of a surprise that it also might now be open to partnering with even more platforms and devices, even Android.

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