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HBO Is Now $9.99/mo. (For 3 Months) via Prime Video Channels


Prime Video

Amazon Prime members can currently get HBO for $9.99 per month, for the first three months. This offer is not currently available through HBO directly, but one that appears to be specific to Prime Video Channels.

Prime Video Channels is a service designed to make it easier to subscribe to third-party subscriptions without having to actually deal with the third-party companies. Instead, users sign up and pay through their Amazon account. This model has started to become increasingly popular recently due to companies able to negotiate a percentage of the fee. Recent indications have suggested that YouTube is also likely to start offering a similar service soon.

HBO hosts a number of shows, including Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, The Outsider, and Succession. Interested parties have until February 23 to sign up to HBO at the reduced monthly price. The popular service typically costs $14.99 per month, and over the course of the three months subscribers can expect to save $15 – the equivalent to an extra month for free.

For those interested, Prime Video Channels also has Starz discounted to $5 per month. This streaming service normally costs $8.99 per month, resulting in an $11.97 saving over the three-month period. However, this discount is part of a wider promotion and so interested subscribers don’t necessarily have to subscribe through Prime Video Channels to take advantage of the lower rate. Likewise, there’s no rush with the Starz deal considering it is available up until March 31, 2020.

HBO discounted ahead of HBO Max launch

The timing of the HBO deal is interesting considering AT&T and WarnerMedia are due to launch HBO Max in May. Those who do take advantage of the deal will potentially remain subscribers right up until the launch. In addition to being stocked with HBO content, HBO Max will also provide streaming access to a variety of extra content available through the WarnerMedia vault.

In spite of offering significantly more content, WarnerMedia has already confirmed HBO Max will be priced at $14.99 per month – the same price HBO subscribers currently pay.

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