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Fire TV Stick Was Amazon’s Best-Selling Streaming Device During the Holidays


Fire TV stick

The Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote was one of Amazon’s best-selling devices during the 2019 Holiday season, according to Amazon. Each year, Amazon releases details on how much was sold during the festive period through the retailer. Along with the Alexa-enabled Fire TV Stick, the Echo Dot smart speaker and Echo Show 5 smart display were also big sellers for the company.

The Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s streaming dongle solution. It is a small device that directly plugs into an HDMI port on a new TV and opens up the TV to the world of streaming. Priced at just $35 and with access to a wide selection of apps including Hulu, Netflix, Prime video and more, the Fire TV Stick is an easy to use and cheap cord cutting solution. Amazon also offers the Fire TV stick in both a 4K and non-4K variety. It is also available in both an Alexa remote and non-Alexa remote version, with the Alexa option providing users with the ability to take advantage of Alexa commands and smart home control.

Amazon is no stranger to selling lots of products during busy shopping days. This year appeared to be no exception considering the company has now confirmed “billions of items were ordered worldwide.” Amazon specifically notes how the current Holiday season was record-breaking for small and medium-sized third-party businesses. However, when it came to its own line of branded devices, the company says it shipped tens of millions of Amazon devices, worldwide. The Amazon device charge was led by the Echo Dot, the Echo Show 5, and the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote.

‘Twas the season for sales

It is not surprising that Amazon did well during the busy shopping season with its own devices as many of them were available at disocunted prices. This includes even the cheaper devices like the Fire TV Stick which saw discounts bringing them down to very cheap rates. Amazon also bundled some of its devices together and again, with a cheaper price tag placed on the bundle. In fact, the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot were one such type of bundle and they are two of the devices Amazon has now highlighted as its best-sellers during the period.

One of the benefits of Amazon slashing the prices like this is the sudden uptick it sees in the number of users on the platforms. Many companies who also operate their own platform – Amazon, Google, Roku – use a loss-leading strategy with hardware to attract new platform users.

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