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Amazon Fire TV Makes It Easier to Find Free Movies & Shows


Fire TV free movies and shows

Amazon has now added a new “free” tab to the Fire TV interface to help users more easily and quickly find content to watch for free. This is one of the latest examples of how free content is continuing to shape the streaming landscape.

One of the big growth areas of late is the AVOD market. This is the approach where consumers are offered access to content for free, through the use of an ad-supported model. With escalating streaming prices and more recently, the additional financial pressures placed on consumers by COVID-19 lockdown orders, free streaming services are providing better value than ever.

In fact, this increase in AVOD popularity has resulted in many established brands trying to buy their way into the market with ViacomCBS having purchased Pluto TV, Fox acquiring Tubi, and Comcast picking up Xumo. All of which are services that have established themselves as major players within the AVOD sector.

Now, Amazon is further looking to increase its presence in the AVOD market through the addition of a new free tab on Fire TV devices. The company has confirmed the feature is already rolling out to users in the US, and once added will streamline the ability to find free content to watch.

How Fire TV’s free tab works

The free tab appears in the Fire TV’s top row alongside other primary categories such as apps, movies, and TV shows. Once selected, the free tab will redirect users to a dedicated section of Fire TV and from here, the entire section is populated with content that consumers can enjoy without having to pay any subscription fees or one-time costs.

Similar to the rest of Fire TV, the free tab is broken down into additional rows and each of these are designed to serve a different purpose. The first is a “featured apps” row that highlights apps that can be downloaded and accessed for free, such as IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, and so on.

Unsurprisingly, there’s also a dedicated IMDb TV row. For those unaware, Amazon owns IMDb TV and so its inclusion as a dedicated row is to be expected. However, that should not deter away from the fact that IMDb TV is a free service and offers access to a wide selection of show episodes and movies at no additional cost.

In addition to the apps and IMDb TV rows, there’s also a trending row which looks to showcase some of the more popular shows and movies that you can currently stream for free through one of the many free to watch apps.

Lastly, the free tab will not only highlight content that’s generally available through dedicated AVOD apps, but also any movies or show episodes where the price has been unlocked by a paid-for service.

Overall, this is likely to be a useful addition to the Fire TV experience and especially for device owners who are keen to access more free content. More importantly, it is also further evidence of the growing importance of the AVOD approach and the increase in need for more affordable access to content.

Source: Amazon Fire TV/Medium

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