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Amazon Now Has More than 40 Million Active Fire TV Users


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Amazon’s Fire TV platform now has more than 40 million active users. The company provided the latest user update at CES 2020, along with announcing an expansion of the ways in which customers can access Fire TV.

The Fire TV platform has been one of the major players in the streaming market ever since it was launched. With Fire TV coming loaded on every Fire TV player, stick, and a whole bunch of other devices, the platform has made its way into many U.S. homes.

As part of its CES 2020 announcements today, the company confirmed the current number of active Fire TV users is over 40 million. To really emphasize how quickly Fire TV adoption is growing, this means the platform has gained roughly 10 million active users in the last year alone. What’s more, the number is only likely to continue growing at the same rate considering how prolific Amazon is becoming at selling devices equipped with Fire TV.

Besides its own hardware offerings, Amazon also licenses Fire TV out to third-party device makers, branded as “Fire TV Edition.” That program is growing equally quick with Amazon stating that by the end of 2020, the Fire TV Edition family will include “more than 150 Fire TV Edition models across more than ten countries.”

The battle between Fire TV and Roku OS

It is not hard to see that Fire TV and Roku OS are becoming the dominant two players in the streaming market. Both routinely announce impressive updates on active users and both seem to be largely keeping up with each other. Although the edge seems to be with Amazon right now.

While Roku has not confirmed any 2020 numbers yet, the company did announce that it had surpassed the 32 million active account marker back in November of last year. Although, November is not that long ago, it was at the start of the holiday season, and like Amazon, Roku aggressively approached the holiday market with massive reductions on its own line of players. It is likely that approach resulted in some big sales, and in turn, a number of new users added to the platform. How many will be the key to understanding how close Roku is to Amazon in this early stage of 2020.

Regardless of the distance between Amazon and Roku, the two do seem to be continuously increasing the distance between themselves and the others, including Android TV and Apple’s tvOS.

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