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Amazon Launches New 4-Series & Omni Series 4K Smart TVs


Amazon's new TVs

Amazon is now officially a TV brand following the introduction of its new Omni Series and 4-Series smart TVs that are powered by Fire TV. Amazon was already partly in the TV business due to its ‘Fire TV Edition’ lineup although these TVs relied on the use of third-party TV makers with Amazon essentially providing the software. With the new selection of TVs, consumers have the option of picking up a new screen for the living room in various sizes and at comparably competitive prices.

Fire TV continues to be one of the major forces in the TV-optimized market. Along with Android TV and Roku, there are a number of devices consumers can buy running on the Fire TV platform. In the past, this has most notably been in the form of Amazon’s Fire-branded players, such as the Fire TV stick or Fire TV Cube. Just like those devices, these Amazon-built TVs also come running on Fire TV proving the same experience many will already be familiar with.

Amazon’s 4-Series smart TVs are the cheaper of the two options with the price starting as low as $369.99. This is for the 43-inch version with consumers able to upgrade to a 55-inch version for $519.99. All 4-Series TVs (see at Amazon) support 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10 and Dolby Digital Plus, and also come bundled with a Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote for voice commands.

In contrast, the Omni Series is the slightly more premium option. With the price starting at $409.99 for the 43-inch version and rising to $1099.99 for the 75-inch model, these TVs offers many of the same benefits as the 4-Series but take things that little bit further. For example, instead of relying on the remote for voice commands, the Omni Series TVs (see at Amazon) come equipped with built-in microphones to offer a hands-free Alexa experience. Likewise, the video and audio is also better, thanks to additional support for features like Dolby Vision.

Amazon itself sums up the difference between the two lineups pretty well by pointing out that the 4-Series is designed for “everyday entertainment” without losing access to features like 4K while the Omni Series is more designed to cater to the needs of those looking for a home entertainment experience and benefiting from improved voice control support.

In reality, neither line is designed to be particularly expensive and especially considering there is only $40 between the base models. Due to this, the Omni series will be better suited to those looking for a greater selection of sizes and especially at the larger end, or for individuals and households in need of the additional premium features. For everyone else, Amazon’s 4-Series might prove to be enough TV for their needs.

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