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AirTV Mini Users Can Now Download Amazon’s Prime Video App


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The AirTV Mini dongle now supports the Amazon Prime Video app. The Air TV Mini launched earlier in 2019 and with the addition of the Prime app now provides Amazon Prime Video users with an additional way to access the wide selection of video content that’s available.

As is the case with all AirTV products, the AirTV Mini is primarily designed with Sling TV users in mind. A Sling TV subscription is not necessary, but without one users might find the experience is fairly limited compared to other Android TV devices. Even with a Sling subscription, users might still find the AirTV Mini is limited in some respects when compared to other streaming devices – due to the lack of third-party app features and support. Up until now, the lack of Prime Video app support was a prime example.

Earlier this week. Air TV confirmed the Prime Video app is now available to download on AirTV Mini devices. As this is an Android TV device, downloading the Prime Video app is as easy as opening the Google Play app on the AirTV Mini’s home screen and manually searching for the app. Alternatively, AirTV users can use the web version of the Google Play Store to manually send the app to the device by signing in, heading to the Prime Video Play Store listing and selecting the AirTV Mini from the drop-down menu.

Prime Video continues out to more Android TV devices

Technically, Prime Video is one of the services that’s still less readily available than it should be on non-Amazon devices. This is particularly true for Android TV devices. In the past, Amazon and Google were not so accommodating with each other’s services and platforms and the availability of Prime Video fell under that issue. In 2019, both companies announced they were increasing support for each other’s services, products and platforms. This included the availability of the Amazon Prime Video app on Android TV devices. Since then, the support for the video app has been slowly rolling out with the AirTV Mini the latest device to get its support.

The newly-added support for Amazon Prime Video app arrives soon after AirTV announced its new AirTV 2 device. Unlike the AirTV Mini dongle, the AirTV 2 is specifically designed to make it easier to access over-the-air live TV channels. It is also another device that plays nicely with a Sling TV description, as well as the other AirTV products and services.

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