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A Better Apple TV App Is Reportedly Coming Later This Year


Apple TV app Home screen

A new Apple TV app is due to arrive before the end of this year, according to a new report. The idea with the new app is to offer a better and more integrated user experience.

The Apple TV app is mostly home to everything video-related on Apple’s devices, including the iPhone and Apple TV players. Since launch, the app has also made its way to other platforms and devices, including Google TV.

According to a new report from Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, citing “people with knowledge of the matter” for the information, Apple is already working on a new redesigned version of the app. According to the details, the new app is expected to be released “around December” and as part of a new tvOS update.

The suggestion here is that Apple is looking to consolidate all its video-related features and services into one app – the new Apple TV app. This change will result in the discontinuation of the iTunes Movies and TV Shows apps on Apple TV players. Likewise, the change will also result in the iTunes Store app on iPhone and iPad losing its movie and TV show sections.

That’s not all. The report also suggests that the new version of the app on Apple TV players will feature a new left-hand side menu for navigation. According to the details, the new side panel will result in the app looking more like other streaming service apps, with Netflix’s interface specifically mentioned as an example of the new design aesthetic.

Basically, Apple hopes for the new version of the app to become even more of a streaming content hub than it already is and, in turn, pushing more people towards using the app more often.

It is worth keeping in mind that none of this information has been confirmed by Apple, so the details are subject to change. In other words, the new Apple TV app might include more or less features than mentioned, and might not arrive by the end of this year as suggested.

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  1. Just think if Apple created an app that works for Samsung tablets. They seem to totally ignore most Android devices, a huge miscalculation.

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