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74% Of CTV Users Now Use Streaming Apps To Watch Live Sports: LG Study


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74% of connected TV (CTV) users make use of streaming apps to watch live sports, according to a new LG Ad Solutions study. The ‘3 in 4’ figure marks an increase on the 68% reported to have used streaming apps to watch live sports in 2023.

While the results of the study suggest more homes are turning to streaming to watch live sports, the data also highlights the fragmented nature of live sports streaming, with 38% of users now making use of three or more streaming services to watch live sports.

According to the study, CTV users watch an average of 5-6 different sports, with professional football and basketball, as well as college football, baseball, and basketball proving the most popular. The study also found 54% of CTV users watch more than five hours of live sports each week.

With this being a study from LG Ad Solutions, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the purpose of the study was to bring attention to the advertiser benefits of live sports streaming. For example, the study found that “64% of viewers are likely to pay attention to ads while watching live sports” and “74% of viewers wish TV ads/commercials during sporting events were more relevant to them.”

The study also highlighted consumer interest and preference in advertisements that include scores and updates.

Sports has long been a cornerstone of traditional TV, but we’re now in the midst of a transformation in how fans engage with sports content,” said Serge Matta, President of Ad Sales for LG Ad Solutions. “The recent Super Bowl, a pinnacle of American sports, broke records with audiences flocking to Paramount+ for streaming access and engaging with personalized experiences on Nickelodeon and Univision. There is a huge opportunity for marketers to engage with sports enthusiasts in ad-supported TV environments right now and we expect to see that continue to grow as more viewers make the leap from linear to streaming environments.”

The “Stadium to Screen: Streaming Live Sports in 2024study from LG surveyed more than 850 adult U.S. consumers in January 2024 with a view to understanding preferences towards watching live sports.

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