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1883 On Paramount Plus: How Many Episodes & When’s The Next One?


1883 Paramount+

1883 is proving to be a popular show, but actually keeping up with the latest episodes on Paramount Plus can be a little confusing if not familiar with the release schedule. Although the Yellowstone origin story has already started, there is still some time to go before all ten episodes of the show are available to watch through the streaming service. Before episode four becomes available to stream, here’s what you need to know to catch up, and continue watching the latest 1883 episodes.

Paramount Plus brings together a host of different networks under one subscription, making it a good option for consumers. A standard ‘Essentials’ subscription costs $4.99 per month, but consumers can upgrade to an ad-free ‘Premium’ subscription for $9.99 per month. There are also some ways to save on the cost, including taking advantage of a free trial, signing up for a student discount if eligible, opting to pay for a yearly subscription, or bundling Paramount+ with Showtime.

Regardless of whether a subscriber pays monthly or yearly, and irrespective of the Paramount+ plan chosen, they do gain access to all of the service’s originals, including 1883. In other words, subscribers can simply sign up to the cheapest plan through the Paramount+ website and still watch all of the episodes of 1883. While there are differences between the plans, including the use of ads, there’s no difference in terms of actually streaming on-demand episodes of shows like 1883.

When’s the next 1883 episode?

With 1883 still being a new show, all of the episodes haven’t been released yet. Generally speaking, new 1883 episodes go live every Sunday at 3AM Eastern. The first two episodes of 1883 became available to stream via Paramount+ on December 18th, 2021, with the third episode going live on December 25th. However, there was then a short break in the release schedule. Originally expected to be available on January 2nd, episode 4 was replaced with the release of The Road West, an 1883 behind-the-scenes feature. Episode 4 of 1883 will now be available to stream with Paramount+ on January 9th, 2022.

Technically, Paramount Plus advertises 1883 as a “Paramount+ Original” and some subscribers may even see advertising messages like ‘streaming exclusively on Paramount+” as well. While this is technically true, there are some caveats to this. For example, the first episodes were also available to watch on Paramount Network, and consumers may find that’s the case with other episodes as well. However, what is clear, it that Paramount+ is the place to really watch 1883. Even if an occasional episode is available to stream on Paramount Network with a live TV service, it won’t be available to stream on-demand through Paramount Network.

Put simply, for any consumers that do want to watch 1883, either as and when new episodes drop or on-demand at any time, then a Paramount+ subscription is required. While this might change in the future and once the current 10-episode run comes to an end, Paramount+ is the place to watch the latest available 1883 episode each Sunday.

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